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Mixing It Up: Signature Cocktails in Denver at The Local Drive

By November 21, 2023No Comments

All About The Cocktails

The Local Drive is Denver’s premier premium cocktail lounge and unique event venue. Oh, and we also have golf simulators! Yes, we are an indoor golf facility, but rather than putting all of our focus on indoor golf, we choose to put just as much emphasis on our cocktail selection. Each of our classic and signature craft cocktails are curated by one of our in-house mixologists. Our goal is to add a personal touch to the bar’s selection by creating a fun collection of beverages whose taste and sophistication are unmatched. 

Becoming A Staple

Sometimes a signature cocktail is a predetermined drink that is somehow tied into the theme of a unique event. Most of the time, cocktail names are created in correlation with the current season of the year or in conjunction with the release of one of our new golf polo collaborations. Signature cocktails are the perfect way for us to showcase our creativity and uniqueness, and create an air of exclusivity for our loyal patrons. For example, we created an event cocktail for our friends over at ParHopper called the Arnoldo Palmer. We created a unique twist on the classic Arnold Palmer by offering that refreshing iced tea/lemonade taste we all know and love with a spicy ginger twist. This cocktail consists of Branch & Barrel Honey Whiskey, Lemon Ginger Tea, Ginger Liqueur, Lemonade & Piment d’Espelette (Chile Liqueur). The drink was such a hit that it became a STAPLE on our menu.

Sheer Curiosity

We love to get creative when creating a new cocktail menu. We always consider how ingredients or presentation even garnishes will make a cocktail unique. We believe that the name of a great cocktail should be a conversation starter, relevant to the ingredients or cocktail theme, and even a little humorous! Fun and appropriate names go a long way by relaxing our guests and making them smile or raise an eyebrow while ordering. Sometimes our names are so outrageous that the cocktail is ordered out of sheer curiosity!

Keeping It Local

Our talented mixologists love to come up with unique and creative flavor combinations and use as many local spirits and ingredients as we can. We are all about using local spirits, themed glasses, special ice molds, and then accenting the cocktail with the appropriate garnish. All of this attention to detail is to ensure that we craft the best looking and tasting cocktail we possibly can. Come by soon and experience our cocktail selection for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!