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Golfing After Dark: The Thrill of Nighttime Simulator Sessions

By December 4, 2023No Comments

There’s just something about playing nighttime golf on the Trackman simulators that hits differently. This seems even more so, after the time changes and the days shorten. It’s the dreaded off-season, groan! Let’s face it, the colder, shorter days are just depressing. There’s no time after work for golf or anything else when it’s dark at 5 pm. We guess that’s what makes the after dark, indoor golf simulator experiences feel so special. Our simulators are the pinnacle of premier indoor golf entertainment with over 300 courses to choose from! 

Improving Your Game

The off-season doesn’t have to be a time of stagnation for golfers anymore. Instead, it can be an excellent opportunity to enhance skills and improve performance with indoor golf training. There are numerous advantages of continuing golf practice and training on our Trackman simulators during the off-season. The biggest one being that it can lead to remarkable improvements once you return to the links! Another huge advantage is that we have a PGA professionals in-house for anyone looking to improve with lessons and personalized instruction.

Colorado is known for unpredictable weather patterns and extreme heat, cold and snow. This significantly hinders or halts consistent practice outside or on the golf course. Obviously, we provide a controlled environment, allowing golfers to practice without rain, wind, or extreme temperatures, with a premium cocktail bar! This controlled setting ensures uninterrupted golf entertainment and training with no external distractions. Players can focus on perfecting their swings, chips, and drives while enjoying their favorite local beer or cocktail!

Controlled Environment

Embracing our simulator experience during the off-season is a strategic move that can pay huge dividends in the long run. The advantages and benefits of consistent indoor training are undeniable. It reinforces muscle memory while helping to refine and perfect techniques. It helps you stay fit, enhancing your mental resilience, and just makes you feel good! Taking advantage of our controlled environment and cutting-edge golf entertainment technology, positions our customers for remarkable improvements once they step back onto the course.

So, this winter, instead of stashing away those clubs, consider investing in your golf swing and secure one of our monthly semi-annual or annual memberships. Members can enjoy 90 minutes of play each day or night. Come experience the thrill and magic of nighttime simulator sessions for yourself!