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Maximizing Your Golf Simulator Experience

By June 18, 2024No Comments
trackman golf bays in longmont colorado

It’s easier than you might expect to have a memorable and pleasurable first time using our Trackman simulators. Don’t be afraid to take a look at and explore the many simulator modes and features. Also, be sure to try out the different practice modes, tutorials, and mini-games, as these all have the capacity to improve your golfing abilities, not to mention having a little fun while learning. 

Need Assistance? Just Ask

The Local Drive’s employees are readily available to help. Please inquire if you need help or if you have any questions. Our knowledgeable staff can offer insightful advice, pointers, and even recommend particular courses that are suitable for beginners. Feel like you need some professional instruction? The Local Drive provides high-tech, personalized golf lessons & instruction to golfers of all abilities, courtesy of our in-house PGA professionals! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer who needs to revamp your swing, we can help! Our Golf Professionals are passionate and highly trained with a desire to help you improve your game and a focus on helping you reach your personal goals.

Practice Course Management

For effective practice sessions, you’ll need to decide beforehand, exactly what you need to work on. You can then use the features of the Trackman to target these specific goals. This is also a good way to practice course management. The simulators allow you to easily test yourself on various holes and golf courses to determine if you are playing the hole or course the most effective way. You can play a hole with a driver off the tee box and then play it again with a hybrid or a 3 wood off the tee. These management skills are most easily developed through repeated play, something you can easily do with our simulators.

Savor the Experience, Have Fun

Remember the main objective here is to have fun! Playing golf is supposed to be fun, so the sooner you accept the virtual world, take in the breathtaking visuals, and enjoy yourself, the more your  skills will improve. So relax, unwind and relish the experience.

When you’re just starting out, expect a small learning curve. It helps to concentrate on the fundamentals of the game, such as grip, stance, and swing technique. Take advantage and seize the chance to get real-time input from the simulator’s sensors and make any adjustments. After all, what really matters is enjoyment and improved development, not perfection.

Always Respect Others Space and Time

While golf simulator etiquette surely differs from that on an actual golf course, it’s still important to treat others with respect and be aware of your surroundings. Make sure you’re not going to hit anyone or anything before you swing, while also giving other players enough space to swing and move around without getting in the way. When someone is preparing to take a shot, try not to interrupt them, take practice swings or talk too loudly. Also, pay attention to the amount of time allotted for your session and try to stay inside your allotted playtime and leave the simulator promptly when your session is up.

Maintaining cleanliness is important as well. Store your clubs neatly in or near your bag rather than dispersed all around the simulator bay. To prevent bringing any dirt onto the golf simulator area, especially the screen, use only clean balls and clubs and maintain a safe distance from the impact screen. Remember to practice a little patience as well, although they’re incredibly consistent, our launch monitors aren’t perfect. If it doesn’t quite read a shot, simply prepare to re-hit again after taking a deep breath or two. 

The Local Drive is Family Friendly

We welcome your young ones, after all, they are the future of golf! There is no better setting to learn and experience this wonderful game than in our controlled and friendly environment. We also have a couple of sets of kids clubs available for your convenience and the Trackman simulators offer a ton of fun games and challenges that kids love!

Make it a regular family outing! Our simulators offer interactive challenges. We have games that will appeal to everyone, regardless of skill level. Choose from Closest to the Pin, Bullseye, Hit it! and Capture the Flag. These are all fun and a great way of improving your game.

Our Atmosphere and Vibe Are Unmatched

Our Trackman simulators are the perfect tool for improving your golf swing. Practicing in a controlled environment, with all the variables remaining consistent, really gives you the ability to hone in and focus on perfecting your golf swing. There’s no sudden gusts of wind, no moisture on the grass, no sweat dripping in your eyes or sudden downpours! Just perfect conditions for every swing…and guess what? You never have to wait on the cart girl!

The Local Drive, with two locations to serve you, Longmont and RiNo, both have a premier bar and cocktail program. Working mostly with local producers of spirits, we center our craft, signature, and seasonal menus around these local brands. Our atmosphere and vibe are unmatched, drop by soon and experience all that is, The Local Drive!