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Benefits of Indoor Summertime Golf

By May 21, 2024No Comments
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At last, the sun is shining, this is the weather we’ve all been waiting for! For a passionate golfer, hitting some balls outside is the ultimate goal, that is, until the humidity sets in and the temperature soars into the nineties. Throw in a summertime afternoon downpour and your excitement can quickly turn into disappointment! Factor in the possibility of heat exhaustion, dehydration, and perspiring through your clothes and indoor golf suddenly seems like a dream in comparison!

Beat The Heat – Air Conditioned Golf

Now step into The Local Drive. The air conditioner is chunking ice cold air and it feels amazing! There’s no hot sun beaming down, no humidity or wind, just perfect conditions for every swing. With our TrackMan golf simulators, you won’t be perspiring through your shorts by your second hole and there’s no chance that you’ll develop heat fatigue. Golf and air conditioning are a match made in heaven, allowing you to beat the heat, concentrate on your swing and rejuvenate your passion for the game! All the while, stay refreshed with our premier bar program featuring the best of Colorado’s beer, wine, ciders, seltzers, & spirits!

Never Get Rained Out

Everyone has waited all winter to play and now summertime tee times can be hard to come by. Further frustration is added when you finally schedule one and then it’s pouring rain with thunder and lightning! With indoor golf, weather fluctuations are never a cause for concern. The Local Drive is open six days a week (closed Tuesday), rain or shine, which means there’s always an opportunity for you to practice your game or take a simulated vacation and play bucket list PGA courses. Never worry about rescheduling or missing your sought after tee time, waiting on the greens to dry and golf whenever you want, in your free time.

Stay Connected While You Play

While you probably won’t play your personal best round, you can stay connected indoors while playing as well. We understand that certain calls simply cannot wait, and that the office may need to accompany you on your round. We allow the use of and provide internet access for cell phones, laptops and other devices during play, unlike outdoor golf courses. Want to bring the meeting or presentation to the course? No problem, our locations include huge corporate spaces equipped with cutting-edge audio-visual capabilities, ensuring your corporate events go off without a hitch. It’s an ideal setting for presentations, meetings, and seminars. 

Bring The Kids

Our simulators are great family entertainment as well! Our simulators appeal to kids because of the similarity to a video game and can also allow for some great one-on-one time. This allows you to engage them in some physical activity and simultaneously sort-of-play a video game, it’s the best of both worlds! Golf is a great form of exercise, for adults as well. A fast round of golf on a simulator will not only help you burn off some calories but also build the muscles you need to get better at the game. After utilizing our Trackman, you’ll know exactly which muscles those are when you feel sore the next day. 

Swing Analytics and Data

With the use of motion sensors and high-speed cameras, which monitor your club face angle, body movements, and swing path, you can instantly see the results of your adjustments and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your swing. Golf simulators aren’t just for seasoned players, simulators are a terrific way for beginners to practice as well. Indoor simulators can really help you to improve fundamental skills and are a great way to acquire confidence before bringing them to the real course. These might range from studying the fundamentals of grip and stance to creating consistent swing mechanics, it’s all up to you! We also certified PGA professionals, on-site,  if you’d like golf lessons or instruction on understanding the data.

Amenities and Atmosphere

Grab your buddies for a round on a bucket list course or plan your next date night or birthday party with us! For your convenience, we have complimentary left and right handed clubs for all genders as well as Srixon demo clubs that can be rented for only $20 per bay. Come visit The Local Drive for not only a great drink or an elevated round of indoor golf, but to also enjoy our friendly and comfortable atmosphere, local motif and many other attractions and amenities! Book a bay today to experience for yourself, all that is, The Local Drive!