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The Local Drive x ParHopper Partnership

By November 29, 2022November 17th, 2023No Comments
ParHopper Golf Apparel

You may have noticed the apparel display when you walk in our side door at The Local Drive. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should! This is where we display custom golf apparel from one of our proud partners, ParHopper Golf Apparel.

What is ParHopper?

ParHopper Golf Apparel is a new style of golf apparel for golfers who love the game and a cold beer or two along the way. They aren’t your old country club brand and aim to be far from it. ParHopper makes golf apparel that turns heads on the tee box. ParHopper strikes the right balance between being modern, stylish and attractive to the younger golfer while not alienating golfers that want to add a pinch of pizazz to their outfits rather than a whole cup.

How The Local Drive & ParHopper’s Partnership Started

ParHopper actually reached out to us through Instagram back in April of 2022. They knew we were wrapping up construction for The Local Drive and asked if they could come check it out. We had already noticed their products on social media and loved that they were local so we invited them to come by for a quick tour. The ParHopper crew showed up with two giant chipping boards! We set them up inside our place and hit golf trick shots for several hours. We bounced shots off of the walls, through wall frames and even shot them up on top of scaffolding! It was truly a great time and really helped us see the personality behind the ParHopper brand.

Over the next few weeks we stayed in touch and started working closer with one of the owners, Jay Piper. Jay started helping us ramp up our social media presence and presented us the idea of creating our own custom golf polo for The Local Drive. We were nearing our grand opening date (July) and didn’t really have any apparel at the time so we said yes and the rest is history.

Where We Are Now

Here we are 7 months later (November) and it’s insane to see the growth we have had with these guys. We now carry ParHopper’s polos inside The Local Drive and have had tons of customer purchase them when coming by to hang out. We have released 2 custom polos of our own, working on a 3rd polo, hoodies, 2 custom bucket hats, several snapback hats, custom golf gloves and we hosted the ParHopper Open mini golf bar crawl back in October. We have worked brand to brand, promoting one another and can clearly see the huge amount of traction it has helped us build. Adding the custom golf apparel to our arsenal has helped The Local Drive stand out from other golf lounges and helps show our brand’s true personality. The polos are fun, unique and great conversation starters.

ParHopper has had a huge presence inside The Local Drive not only with the apparel and helping host events, but also by coming in on a weekly basis. It’s great to see their team interact with our customers and share the story of ParHopper face to face with them. The future is limitless with these guys and we will continue to release custom golf apparel that helps set The Local Drive apart from other golf lounges.