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The Local Drive Golf Leagues: Come Experience Competitive Play

By January 11, 2024No Comments

One of the best things about playing golf is the competitive spirit between you and other players. Golf league events at The Local Drive bring together a local pool of competitors to play tournament rounds on some of the world’s best courses. ‍Competing in our Trackman Golf League is an exciting way to add a competitive component to your indoor rounds. 

Next Level Indoor Golf

Fair warning though, if you choose to participate, you are sure to feel the pressure as you work your way through a round of indoor golf. Suddenly you’re nervous teeing off, you start really thinking about even short chips, it becomes a lot more like real golf! The experience goes to even another level when you realize there are other strong competitors involved. If this sounds like exactly the kind of thing you’ve been looking to add to your indoor golf experience, keep reading. ‍

Leap Year Whiskey Invitational Golf League

Embark on a golfing journey like never before – it’s time for the first Golf League of 2024, the 2-Person Leap Year Whiskey Invitational. All of our leagues run at The Local Drive locations, RiNo & Longmont, as does this one! You choose your play days at either location, with flexible, designated time slots. Get registered with a partner before it fills up and enjoy four thrilling weeks of top-tier competition! We are embarking play on some of the most captivating Trackman simulator courses. From the exotic to the iconic, each week promises a golfing experience like no other!

The Four Iconic Courses

The first two weeks will test your teamwork with 18 holes of the dynamic two-man scramble. Conquer the challenging Olympic Club Lake Course, and face the legendary Pebble Beach Golf Links. These courses, etched in golfing history, will set the stage for your flights and weekly triumphs. 

The grand finale unfolds in the last two weeks with the ultimate challenge – 36 holes of best ball! Brace yourself for the splendid Sutton Bay, a gem overlooking the Missouri breaks, and then brace the rich history of golf at St Andrews Links Old Course, the Home of Golf itself.

More Golf Bang-For-Your-Buck

Not only are our golf leagues a fun and exciting experience, but the price is also right! The entry fee for a team of two is $300. This gives you and your partner two full hours of playing time per week (for four weeks) to play your 18 hole round. Not only is it cheaper, more competitive play, but there are also prizes involved! Players are competing for prizes from sponsors, The Local Drive, Copper Sky Distillery and Westfield. Prizes include tickets to a show/event at Mission Ballroom, Whiskey Trophy Bottles & Weekly Raffles. Join before January 14th and use code LEAPYEAR to get $50 off your team fee! 

Schedule a Practice Session

If you want to give yourself a fair chance and be competitive, you’ll want to put in plenty of practice time prior to your competitive rounds. Visiting The Local Drive regularly will help you get used to the indoor golf experience, dial your swing in and familiarize you more with how the technology works. You will also have an opportunity for a couple of practice swings before beginning each competitive round.

Sign Up Today

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your golf game and create lasting memories on these renowned courses. Spaces are limited, so don’t delay, secure your spot now! Get ready to tee off into a year filled with camaraderie, competition, and an unparalleled golfing experience!