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Mobile Golf Course – Our Portable Trackman Golf Simulator

By March 11, 2024No Comments
snappy gilmore playing golf

The Local Drive offers a one-of-a-kind custom portable Trackman golf simulator, that allows us to bring the golf course directly to you! This is the perfect addition to your next corporate event, wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette weekend, fundraising/charity event, networking, and more! 

Setup Is a Breeze

Our portable Trackman simulator package includes an operator who is fully trained as a simulator guide. Setup of the cage itself takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour and calibration of the system takes less than 2 minutes, so we’ll have you up and going in no time. We have rental sets of golf clubs and provide the golf balls and appropriate specialty tees. The portable simulator also includes a 27” Touch Screen Interface, a hitting mat and a plethora of PGA golf courses and group games.

Competitive Challenges

Longest drive and closest to pin challenges are lots of fun, work best for larger crowds, and really gets the entire event crowd excited and involved. Each participant enters their name and gets three shots in each challenge. If so desired, you have the ability to keep adding names and taking multiple turns. The top fifteen names for the ongoing challenge are displayed on the big screen, so you know exactly where you stand. Hole-in-ones count during simulator play as well and one will get your name on our wall of fame at your desired The Local Drive location.

Space Requirements – Inside or Outside

One huge consideration, however, is space requirements for the simulator. The simulator cage is quite large to allow optimal performance when swinging, so your indoor or outdoor space will need at least a footprint of 15.5’ W x 17’ L x 10’ H. Length and width are normally not an issue but be sure that your event space ceiling, if inside,  is higher than ten feet. Power and internet access will be needed of course, but we only need access to one 110V outlet.

It’s a Traffic Magnet

Want a traffic magnet at your next trade show or special event? Then look no further! We set our portable Trackman simulator up at the Denver Golf Expo this year and the line never stopped. We never had a down moment for the entire three days of the expo, and seized this valuable opportunity to connect with new prospects for our expanding business. The simulator also offers promotional opportunities, as we can add your sponsor messages(photos, logo and text)that can be displayed right on the simulator screen! 

Contact us at or (903) 240-1978 for more information on prices and booking our portable Trackman simulator package or fill out the form at